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CRB in Marilândia/ES: “Burning hearts, feet on the way”

We participated, from March 8th to 10th, 2024, in the land of Maria, Marilândia in Espirito Santo, in a mission promoted by the CRB of Vitória. We were 26 religious men and women, seminarians and one laywoman.

This mission aimed to encourage the missionary animation of rural communities in the parish of Nossa Senhora Auxiliadora, Diocese of Colatina/ES, which has a total of 36 communities, the vast majority of which are in rural areas.

Father Neil Joaquim de Almeida (priest) welcomed us with great enthusiasm. He valued the different charisms and sent us to 11 communities. Each missionary team was welcomed into families. It is important to highlight that the entire parish had already prepared and organized itself with great zeal for this moment.

In each community, the leaders actively participated, accompanying us on family visits, blessing the homes, the sick, and the coffee plantations, which are predominantly planted in the region.

We felt that it was a true meeting of fraternity, living a deep and reciprocal experience of faith, listening, dialogue and motivation. In the celebration of thanksgiving for the moment lived on mission, there was an invitation and request for the CRB to return and continue in communities that had not yet been visited.

The people of the communities were very grateful for the presence of religious life and never tired of saying thank you. We returned with grateful hearts and overflowing with joy.

Sr. Amezia Maria da Soledade Dias e Sr. Gabriele Camelo Moraes, sjbp

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