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Forty years of total dedication to the Pastoral Mission with the people of Maceió/Alagoas

On February 25, 2023, at 7:00 pm, in the Mother Church of the Paróquia São João Batista e Santa Isabel, in Chã da Jaqueira, Maceió/AL, the mass was celebrated at the conclusion of the pastoral mission of the Pastorinhas who were inserted in the Archdiocese of Maceió .

It has been 40 years of much dedication and service donated to ecclesial and social pastorals, in communion with the pastors (priests, bishop and leaders).

Together with the Pastorinhas sisters, we built many stories and achievements, such as bringing public policies to our parish, which the people so much needed and still need, such as: Water, Energy, mini Emergency Room, Dom Miguel Câmara Municipal School, Conjunto Mutirão, Basic course for college entrance exams, for young people and adults, Projeto Thallita, Projeto Bom Samaritano; Pastoral Care and Internal Movements of the Church: Family Pastoral, Children's Pastoral, Tithe Pastoral, Choirs, Youth Groups, Community accompaniment, CEBs, Liturgy, Ministers of the Eucharist, Ministers of the Word, Catechesis, Biblical Formation, Archdiocesan Caritas, visits to Families, Various Formations, Parish Assemblies, groups of Psalmists, Parish Council, Popular Missions, School of Forgiveness and Reconciliation, Grito pela Vida Group, Biodança; as Pauline Family: Pauline and Holy Family Cooperators; collaboration in the implantation of New Parishes, and so many other forms of evangelization that these Sisters spared no efforts to carry out with the people,

Dedication to the formation of vocations was of great importance: so that young people could form Christian families, join the religious life and especially the priestly vocation, like our priests, fruits of the dedication and work of the Sisters (Fr. Manoel Alves and Fr. . Elijah).

The Pastorelle Sisters were for us the living gospel among the people, inspired by Jesus the Good Shepherd and Mary the Good Shepherd. Our eternal gratitude, to all who experienced the Pastoreio here, together with the people, without distinction of people. Know that you will always be in our lives and in our hearts. The “doors” of our hearts and of the city of Maceió/AL will always be open to the Pastorelle Sisters.

Marilene Ozana, Pauline Cooperator

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