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Golden rays of justice, forgiveness, reconciliation and peace at the CRB Regional de Goiânia

In the midst of a culture wounded by numerous forms of violence, grudges and personal, structural and systemic revenge, the CRB Goiânia, very committed to the broad process of greater humanization, has just completed yet another transforming action for people and their relationships. Last weekend, it embraced and promoted a synodal oasis of justice, forgiveness and peace, called: School of Forgiveness and Reconciliation Workshop (ESPERE) - Fundamentals of Restorative Justice (FJR).

On June 9, 10 and 11, 2023, the first stage of the ESPERE Workshop at the regional level was concluded, with the participation of 17 religious men and women.

“These were very intense days of deep diving, illuminating and invigorating our intra and inter-relational experiences in the light of the blessings of the Divine Eternal Father, at Casa “Porta do Céu”, in the shadows of the New Sanctuary, in the city of Trindade, GO.

The location could not have been more opportune, thanks to the generous sharing and welcome of the Redemptorist Congregation, to whom we are very grateful in the person of its Provincial, Fr. João Paulo Santos de Souza, CSSR and the two Fraters who were presences-concrete expression of fraternal and provident care.

With great affection, admiration and gratitude we pray for special blessings and greater wisdom on the Facilitators: Sisters Bárbara Kiener, MC and Lusineide Cardoso de Melo, SJBP and on the Co-facilitators: Frater Francisco Natanael Neres Franco, CSSR and Sister Elizabeth Costarelli, OP, who, sisterly, fraternally and respectfully, guided us and walked with us on the itinerary proposed by the workshop.

We concluded the experience very grateful to CRB Regional, through dear Sr. Davi Nardi, Marist, its coordinator. We say goodbye with great joy, vital new meanings, renewed hopes and new courage to continue the mission entrusted to each one of us and, already looking forward to the reunion in the second stage that will take place at the beginning of August.

Participants of the First Stage of the ESPERE Workshop

EspeRe Brasil Network – CRB Regional Goiania

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