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Mission in Redenção/PA – Story of love and donation

From December 8th to 12th, 2023, I was living and sharing with Sisters Inácia and Florinda and also with part of the people of the Cristo Redentor Parish, in the Municipality of Redenção/PA.

There were intense days of sharing, communication, contact, farewells, celebrations, fraternization. I got to know the Communities of Matriz, Jesus Bom Pastor and Santa Luzia. I visited the family of Sr. Gabriele Camelo Moraes, our junior and also Gleiciane, who became a junior with us and is now following another path. We were also at the cemetery praying and giving thanks in front of the tomb of Sr. Josefa Aparecida Macorís, eternally missed, who passed away in this city during the pandemic, in 2021.

It caught my attention and filled me with joy, seeing the affection and gratitude that the people have for the presence and work of the Little Shepherd Sisters, present in this Diocese for over 50 years. They asked a lot about the sisters who passed by, clearly demonstrating their dedication and commitment.

The Little Shepherd Sisters will always remain in the people's memory, as they created a panel with photos of everyone who passed through there, which was posted at the entrance to the parish hall. On the other side there is a photo of Sr. Lucina dal Pozzo. The Diocesan Bishop, Dom ...., was very grateful for the presence of the Sisters, he and the priests regret that the Sisters will leave. Who knows, in the future, we may be able to think about a new insertion in the region.

I think it is painful for the sisters Amelzia, Inácia and Florinda to say goodbye to those generous and affectionate people. Let us pray for them.

It is up to us to praise and thank God for all the good that was accomplished by the Little Shepherd Sisters, and hope that the people reap abundantly the fruits of the seeds sown.

Sr. Maria Sueli Berlanga, sjbp

Below are some statements from the sisters who personally experienced the mission of Pastorinhas in this pastoral insertion:

There really were strong mission moments in Redenção/PA. God bless these caring people of ours!

Sr. Rosilda Lima

Cool! The Sr. Lucina “salon” and now with the plaque is very symbolic: a place for meetings and training. A strong characteristic of our mission: leadership training... Pará really boosted us in our mission! How many adventures! True madness for love! I have good memories... faces... images... gratitude... a life experience that nothing can erase. Praise be to God who allowed us these 50 years of mission with these people.

Sr. Maria de Lourdes Lara

It is a mix of pain and joy: pain for leaving these people who for years were the reason for our efforts, our dreams and projects. Jesus Bom Pastor and Maria Pastora were always encouraging us to give and donate. There were moments of suffering, but when contemplating the eyes of these beloved people, joy always welled up in our hearts, leaving us ready for another journey! How good it was! JOY and gratitude for everything! We leave a little bit of each of us and bring a great wealth of what we have experienced and learned from each heart. They came from a heart that loves being a Shepherdess, that loves the people who were part of our donation!

Sr. Lazara Vieira de Camargo

Gratitude for everything and everyone. God be praised. I miss these people... so many memories.

Sr. Luiza Santos

Gratitude for all the good done, for all the Little Shepherd Sisters who were in Pará. God bless those people.

Sr. Daniela Vasconcelos

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