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News arriving from Adrianópolis

On 03/03/2024, at Capela Santa Bárbara – Bairro Plumbum – Adrianópolis/PR, the PARISH PLANNING ASSEMBLY took place, with leaders from 16 Communities, of the 18 existing.

The Communities carried out preparatory work during the months of January and February with the following proposal: writing on a cardboard fruit, which each community received, all the good deeds carried out in 2023. This panorama of POSITIVE ACTIONS brought to the Assembly a revival of certainty that the Communities have LIFE, despite all the difficulties they face on a daily basis. Certainly that God is the Lord of history and does not abandon the people on their journey.

After this positive vision of the Communities, in groups, the priorities for 2024 were chosen:

  • Tithe – With the advice of Seminarian Christoffer, work will be planned in the Parish, so that the Tithe Pastoral is reinvigorated.

  • Formation: The Parish Priest Father Daniel, the Little Shepherd Sisters and some Leaders will plan the realization of this priority.

  • Youth: Father Daniel and the Little Shepherd Sisters will talk to the leaders of the Communities and together find ways to awaken and involve Youth.


The Assembly ended in a climate of great hope and certainty that the Communities are alive and willing to continue the journey, even with all the setbacks that arise on a daily basis.

A feeling that emerged: the Parish of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, in a small dimension, is experiencing SYNODALITY. The great certainty is: THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD AND I WILL LACK NOTHING. A delicious and filling snack was shared.

Sr. Ângela Biagioni, sgbp

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