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Party at Colégio Divina Pastora

With joy, we celebrate the Feast of Maria Pastora, the Mother of Jesus Good Shepherd, which the Pastorelle Sisters have as a model of life. Furthermore, Colégio Divina Pastora honors her as a mother who cares for those who are close to it, in order to seek knowledge and life wisdom.

On 02/09/2023, parents, students, teachers and the Paulina Family were invited to celebrate this day that is so significant for all of us. On this occasion, our prayer was also in memory of one month since the death of Sr. Neide Aparecida da Silva. We can say that it was a symbiosis of feelings, joining the feast of Maria Divina Pastora, patron of the College, so loved by Sister Neide, where she left us a legacy of experiences, humanizing and spiritual. Everyone who knew her claims that she was passionate about Jesus the Good Shepherd, Mary the Shepherd, Saint Joseph and the teachings of our Founder, Blessed James Alberione.

On this day, we had the participation of the faculty of the College, Collaborators, Pastorelle Sisters and Apostoline Sisters. Fr. Antônio Lúcio da S. Lima presided over the celebration, assisted by Fr. Francisco Galvão and the Pauline seminarians.

Moment of deep prayer, of thanksgiving for everything that the College represents for us Pastorelle and for those who attend.

We thank the singing group, the liturgy and everyone who helped us celebrate this act of faith for life.

Sr. Maria de Fátima Piai, sjbp

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