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The Diocese of Jataí/GO is no longer vacant

After almost six months of vacancy in the Diocese of Jataí/GO, on November 18, 2023, a Saturday, a day dedicated to Our Lady - Mary, mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the day of dedication of the Basilicas of Saints Peter and Paul , Apostles, at the request of the nominee, in the early hours of that day, the joyful news of the appointment of the new bishop for the Diocese was announced via the website of the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil-CNBB. The Church, guided by the Holy Spirit, called from the Benedictine Monastery, located in the Municipality of Mineiros-Goiás, a much loved son of the soil, from Goiás, Dom Joaquim Carlos Carvalho, to be the Pastor of the Diocese of Jataí/GO.

The announcement of the appointment took place during the Diocesan Catechesis Assembly. These were moments marked by great joy. There were several demonstrations by all the people of the Diocese and other dioceses and people residing in other countries. It was a day marked by great contentment, a festive day. This festivity and manifestation of joy continues throughout the Diocese, people constantly say: “I am very happy that Dom Joaquim was chosen to be our bishop”.

Note taken from the CNBB website: “Pope Francis appointed this Saturday, November 18, Father Joaquim Carlos Carvalho, of the Order of Saint Benedict (OSB), as the new bishop of the vacant Diocese of Jataí, in Goiás. has been vacant since March 29 of this year, when its 6th bishop, Dom Nélio Domingos Zortea, was appointed bishop for the Diocese of Cruz Alta (RS). Since May this year, Monsignor Joaquim Carlos Carvalho has assumed the service of diocesan administrator of Jataí”.

To access Monsenhor Dom Joaquim's CV, follow the CNBB link:


Your EPISCOPAL ORDINATION will be in the Community, whose patron saint is Santa Luzia in Mineiros/GO and the WELCOME will be at the Catedral Divino Espírito Santo in Jataí/GO, as described in the invitation.

Dom Jaime Spengler – Archbishop of Porto Alegre /RS, President of the CNBB, in his greeting to the new bishop, recalls excerpts from a speech by Pope Francis to pilgrims from the archdiocese of Ozamiz, in the Philippines, in an audience on Friday, November 17 2023: “I urge your parishes and communities to be exemplary in the practice of works of mercy and to be close to everyone, especially families, young people, the sick, the elderly and the poor, with the charity of Jesus. It also requires us to be responsible stewards of creation, knowing that care for others and care for our common home are intimately linked.”

It is from this perspective that, at various times, the elected bishop placed himself in his statements. His chosen motto was the passage from the gospel in which Jesus and Mary meet in a festive atmosphere, at the Wedding at Cana: “Do whatever He tells you” (John 2:5).

Let us continue in prayer so that the Divine Holy Spirit continues to pour out upon Bishop Dom Joaquim Carlos Carvalho, OSB, the graces and lights he needs to fulfill with zeal and wisdom his noble mission of shepherding all the people of the Diocese of Jataí/GO.

Sr. Lusineide Cardoso de Melo, sjbp

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