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Celebration of the 60th year of religious profession

On 7 October, in the memory of the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary, 84th year of the foundation of our Congregation, with a heart full of joy and gratitude to the Good Shepherd who called us, we commemorated our 60 years of religious profession, with the sisters of the Community of Verona.

An event of grace, lived and participated by all the sisters present in the community and by other sisters and friends, who came to share this moment of celebration with us.

Remembering an anniversary does not only mean going through the album of memories, to see images of what this past time has marked, the people met, the experiences lived, the efforts overcome, the joys enjoyed, but, in a very profound, it means magnifying the merciful love of the Lord who remained faithful to his promise and in fidelity confirmed us in the purpose that he inspired us at the beginning of the vocational journey, to which we adhered with the enthusiasm of youth and with the maturity of choices. In this event we celebrated the loving fidelity of the Lord.

In an atmosphere of expectation, we experienced the preparation with a day of spiritual retreat, led by the provincial superior Sister Cesarina Pisanelli, who proposed for our reflection the passage from the Gospel of Luke (Lk 1: 39-45), underlining the theme of Synodality, declined in the attitudes of mutual listening, and of hospitality in a fraternal style that must inhabit our heart.

The central moment, lived with intensity, was the Eucharistic concelebration in the parish church, presided over by Don Roberto Campostrini, vicar general for the Diocese of Verona, and by four other Concelebrants.

The celebration was followed by a convivial moment of all the religious and lay participants, in the room decorated for the holidays by the sisters of the community, who expressed their welcome and sharing.

It was nice for us to remember the anniversary of our religious profession and to repeat once again our availability to the Lord's proposal to become a "home for him".

We want to end by recalling some words that were addressed to us by the priest during the homily: "Today let yourselves be called again by name by the Lord who repeats again to each one:" You have stolen my heart, my sister, spouse, you have stolen my heart with one glance of yours "(Ct 4,9) and with your heart that dances with joy once again you become a living icon of Jesus the Good Shepherd, knowing that you are not alone, but that He precedes you at every step, He awaits you to every crossing, He lifts you up on eagle wings when you are tired ”.

Thanks again and a fraternal hug

Sr. Rita Mossoni, sjbp

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