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Prayer Itinerary


We would like to invite all of you to accompany the days of celebration of the 10th General Chapter. For this purpose, we have prepared this short prayer itinerary.

We have chosen, for each day, to remember a person recognized by the Church as venerable or blessed or saint for each country where we are present and who is loved and venerated by the people of God. It seems appropriate to us on the first two days (29 and 30 June) to commemorate our patron saints Peter and Paul, to ask them for the courage to walk towards the future with hope and, on the last day (July 16), to dedicate it to our beloved Founder, that he may continue to intercede for us and for all the Pauline Family, the courage to undertake new paths in total trust in Jesus Master and Shepherd and always present in our midst.

Our attention has turned towards Witnesses of the Word and of Charity, favouring those who have given new impetus to the mission of the Church; men and women who have carried out their work to the point of giving their lives for the poorest and neediest, for those who have suffered because of injustice, misunderstanding, social exclusion and persecution.

Have a good Prayer!

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