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First Expanded Provincial Council

With great expectations and great hopes, we have gathered in Bogotá-Colombia, the provincial headquarters, the animators of the 16 communities of our Province (14 present and 2 online), together with the Government Team, to live our first Extended Provincial Council, during the July 25 to 28, 2022. With great joy we were arriving and being welcomed; in the welcoming embrace we felt the fraternity and the joy of meeting and – for several – of knowing each other personally.

We were motivated and encouraged by the motto “Let us walk together in the harmony of diversity”. After the official opening by Sr. Mirina Ibarra, provincial superior, we began a time of listening to know and welcome the reality of each of our communities, presented by the respective animators, making present the achievements, difficulties and dreams that inhabit the hearts of our Sisters.

We live a Day of Spirituality animated by Sr. Daniela Cannavina, general secretary of the CLAR, with the theme: “Synodality in the service of authority”. She invited us to live this kairos as an opportune time for renewal, search and discernment, and to live synodality as a style of life and mission, which is born from common obedience to the Spirit. A path from which we cannot go back because we are called to communion to create communion in the Province, in the Congregation and in the Church.

We listened to the reports of the subsidiary Teams of the four Areas, of the Communication Team, of the Pauline Cooperators Friends of Jesus Good Shepherd. Hna. Mirina communicated what the young women in formation expect from our Province, which challenges us and helps us to project the future.

Personally and in groups we have reflected on what we perceive that the Holy Spirit is telling us at the beginning of the steps of our young Province, to qualify the personal, community and apostolic journey. For this purpose, following the four Areas, some specific initiatives were chosen to continue the path.

We have received some orientations and guidelines for managing the economy and administration in the Province.

The Hna. Clara Ariza, provincial secretary, enlightened us about the steps to take in view of our 10th General Chapter.

Mons. Luis José Rueda, Archbishop of Bogotá, presided over the closing Eucharist of our first Expanded Provincial Council. He strongly exhorted us to live witness, mission and communion, all in joy.

They were days of much brotherhood, of deep listening in the light of the Spirit, open and sincere dialogue in mutual trust, of discernment about the life and future of our Province. At all times we felt accompanied and we had in mind the Sisters who make up our communities. Our hearts overflow with joy and gratitude to the Holy Trinity for this meeting.

Of course, we also had recreation spaces, animated with typical elements of the 9 countries where we are present.

Sr. Alicia Fogliatti, sjbp

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