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It is God who leads us – Pauline Cooperators of Maceió

On June 3, 2023, in Maceió/AL, the first Monday of the month, our meeting of Cooperators of the Pauline Family took place at the Mãe Rainha Sanctuary, located in the neighborhood of Chá da Jaqueira. In this meeting, we finished the study of the statute, module 01, Jesus Mestre Pastor Caminho, Verdade e Vida and we reflected on the charism. Each one shared the experience and feeling they have when turning to Jesus, the Good Shepherd, and how they listen to what He says to them on a daily basis, how they let God act in their lives. We all agree that it is God who leads and guides us and gives us wisdom so that, like our dear Don Thiago Alberione, we let ourselves be carried away by the Holy Spirit.

Yesterday's meeting, July 7, 2023, was conducted by Neide and Cida. Of course, as we always remember our dear Pastorelle Sisters, that wherever we are, in every meeting, retreat, we feel that they are always with us. It is always good to feel like a Pauline Family. We continue to study the Statute of Cooperators, with love and a lot of affection.

We miss the Shepherd Sisters so much. What's good is that the group remains firm, and is committed to continuing the mission. Yesterday we said to each other: courage we are not alone, but our chest is tight!

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ always be with you all.

Leoneide – Cooperator Paulina

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