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News of the Pastorelle in Korea

An Ecumenical Activity was organized by KCRP (Catholic Bishops Conference of Korea), Korean Orthodox and Protestant Churches, and was supported by South Korean Government. The Ecumenical Arts and Culture Festival entitled “Try again to rebuild the “Common House” was held last 5-10 October, 2022. Online Exhibition:

With this title, “Try again to rebuild ‘Common House’”, there was an exhibition of meaningful pictures and creative arts to invite people through face to face and on-line visit to reflect better and live together the spirit of community life, solidarity, respect and rebuild ‘Earth Life Community’.

Another Interfaith Dialogue activity was organized by KCRP (Korean Conference of Religions for Peace), supported by South Korean Government, the 7 Religions Solidarity Seminar: “Carbon Neutral Practice Campaign” held last Oct. 18, 2022 (Seoul).

Seven (7) Religious denominations in Korea (Catholic, Protestant, Buddhism, Won Buddhism, Confucianism, Chondokyo, Korean Ethnic Religion) prepared a seminar with the title “Carbon Neutral Practice Campaign”. Because we are living in an era of Climate Crisis, we discussed the present ecological situation of the world and how our practice of Religion can help the process of Carbon Neutrality and Transition Society, beyond the Growth Society.

After having 7 Religions Solidarity Seminar: “Carbon Neutral Practice Campaign” each religion had a special seminar to have their own practical and concrete plan to realize ‘Earth Life Community’. We Catholics had a seminar on Oct. 7, with title: “Catholic Church’s Role and Effort to overcome the Climate Crisis”.

A course of “Unity Academy” organized by ‘Faith and Order in Korea’ since 2015, is done every year for the ecumenical formation of lay people, seminarians, religious, pastors. The course is for ten days and held every Thursday evening from 19.00 – 20:00 through face to face and online attendance. This year there were 15 Professors from Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox and there were 19 students. It was done from Aug. 25 to Oct. 27. Sr. Cecilia Son, SJBP taught the history of ecumenism with a protestant professor.

There was an Interfaith Dialogue Activity last Oct. 15, in the Plaza Cheonghecheon of Seoul, organized by KCRL (Korean Council of Religious Leaders), supported by South Korean Government. Because a lot of people are suffering and had many difficulties due to Covid 19, it was thought of to organize a religious event entitled “Let’s be together again!” to encourage people. Each religion presented their unique activity according to their creativity to make people participate. People went to the plaza and had a variety of experiences for free. I brought the students I am preparing for Baptism after the class. A Religious Leader did the official Greeting at 6:00 P.M. followed by a show of many professional singers and dancers. We enjoyed a lot.

A book was written by Sr. Chung-Myung Son (Cecilia), and was published in Korean on Oct. 25, 2022 entitled The Theology and Pastoral Ministry of pastor Yong-gi Cho seen by catholic theologian: for the pastoral renewal of the Church.

This book, is the third part of her Doctoral thesis, 2013, and is upgraded now with Papal teachings. Pastor Yong-gi Cho was a founder of the biggest congregation in the world, In this book she presented his theology and pastoral ministry.

We had Mass at 11: A.M. and lunch together on Oct. 31. in the central house in Seoul to thank the previous Delegation Government. Sr. Maria Lim Hee Jung and Councilors Sr. Teresa Kim Myung Sook, Cristina Lee Jae Kyung, Sr. Cristina Lee Young Ah and to welcome the new members of the Delegation Government: Delegate Superior: sr. Cristina Lee Jae Kyung and Councilors: sr. Cristina Lee Young Ran, sr. Teresa Kim Myung Sook, sr. Giuliana Seung, sr. Rufina Hong.

Sr. Cecilia Son, sjbp

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