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Opening of the Paulo Afonso/BA Community

The hope of walking together in the lands of the Northeast

at the service of the Kingdom of God


On March 23, 2024, the reception took place for the Pastorelle Sisters: Ana Maria de Paiva, Carmelita Pereira de Jesus and Rosa de Paula, in the Parish of the Sagrada Família, Diocese of Paulo Afonso/BA. During the Eucharistic Celebration at 7.00 pm, at the Matriz Sagrada Família, presided over by Dom Guido Zendron, diocesan bishop, and concelebrated by Father José Ronnes dos Santos Santana, parish priest, with a significant presence of communities, pastorals and movements, celebrated the beginning of this new insertion of the Father Alberione Province.

The atmosphere and celebration were very carefully planned, with the image of the Good Shepherd, Blessed Don Alberione and the logo of the Congregation, as well as the crucifix of the Shepherdesses, songs of the Good Shepherd and prayers.

During the homily, Dom Guido highlighted the liturgy of the day and the welcome of the Pastorelle in this Parish and Diocese. In a catechetical way he highlighted three verbs: marvel, recognize and follow. He underlined the presence of the Pastorelle in collaboration with the Diocese and the Parish, as the value of the presence and experience of the pastoral charism, as a true "being" and not so much "doing".

The parish community expressed, through the lay person and parish coordinator Danilo Henrique: "We entrust the life of each of you to God and may your presence be a blessing for everyone and together we can strengthen our community even further".

Father Ronnes Santana, parish priest, also expressed his joy, welcome and expectation of pastoral collaboration.

Sr. Rosa de Paula read the message from the Provincial Superior, Sr. Maria Sueli Berlanga: “I would like to be able to say it in person, but due to my many commitments, I am sorry that I cannot be present at this moment, which is so special for our Province. : our inclusion in Paulo Afonso, in the Parish of the Sagrada Família and Diocese of Paulo Afonso".

We are grateful for the welcome and encouragement of Dom Guido, Father Ronnes and the communities who welcomed us with hope in walking together, in these lands of the Northeast, in the service and building of the Kingdom.

Sr. Ana Maria de Paiva, Sr. Carmelita Pereira de Jesus e Sr. Rosa de Paula, sjbp

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