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Ordination and Welcome of the seventh Diocesan Bishop of Jataí/GO

On January 27, 2024, it was with great joy that the people who belong to the Diocese of Jataí/GO, went, early in the morning, to the city of Mineiro/GO, more precisely to the Community of Santa Luzia, to participate in the Episcopal Ordination of the seventh Diocesan Bishop – Dom Joaquim Carlos de Carvalho, osb. It was a very simple ceremony, but full of meaning, at various times people were moved and applauded the new bishop who was being ordained. The Archbishop of Goiânia, Dom João Justino de Medeiros Silva, presided over the Eucharistic Celebration and led the ordination of a priest for the first time, according to himself. The bishops Dom Waldemar Passini Dalbello, Dom Carmelo Scampa, Dom José Luiz Majella Delgado, cssr and all the clergy of the Diocese were concelebrating.

All members of the religious communities who work in the evangelizing action of the Diocese were also present. In his final speech, the new Bishop explained why he chose this community to celebrate his episcopal ordination. The reason is that this community is always under “construction” and this is how he intends to experience his episcopate, he always wants to be under “construction”, always learning how to be a bishop according to “the heart of God”. The Celebration, which was also marked by several manifestations of nature, such as the presence of an owl that was throughout the celebration above the image of Santa Luzia and facing the altar and at the time of the ordination a heavy rain that fell, continuing until the end of the ceremony. After the celebration, we enjoyed a delicious lunch, offered by the people of Mineiros for around three thousand people.

On January 28, 2024, the people of the Diocese again traveled, early in the morning, to the City of Jataí/GO, to participate in the WELCOME ceremony of their seventh bishop. Why welcome and not possession? Because Dom Joaquim himself requested this, because for him the word “possession” is a heavy term, as he is not, and will not be, owner of the Diocese but will be at the service of that portion of God's people, entrusted to him. It was another ceremony, also very simple, with very appropriate songs, but the entire celebration full of meanings and symbolism, with its culmination in the Eucharist.

When Dom Joaquim received a welcoming hug from the bishops present, the clergy, men and women religious, civil authorities, he made a gesture of going up and down a step in the presbytery, to adapt to the person's height. In his homily he explained that his gesture was and is an expression of his desire to be a flexible bishop, capable of adapting to the realities that he will encounter during his pastorship.

Around five thousand people were present, people from all the Parishes that are part of the Diocese, bishops from the Central-West Region, civil authorities. After the ceremony, the people of Jataí offered a delicious lunch, food prepared with great care, by many hands.

The diocese of Jataí is located in the southwest of the State of Goiás and is made up of 24 municipalities. It has its episcopal headquarters and the Catedral Divino Espírito Santo in the city of Jataí. It is limited to the Dioceses of Rondonópolis/Guiratinga/MT, São Luís de Montes Belos/GO, Itumbiara/GO, Ituiutaba/MG, Três Lagoas/MS and the Diocese of Coxim/MS.

It is with all these people, who in some way participated in the ordination and welcome of the new Bishop of this immense diocese, that we, Pastoral Sisters, live our humble pastorship and intend to continue giving our pastoral collaboration, together with the new bishop and with the people God's.

Sr. Lusineide Cardoso de Melo, sjbp

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