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Pauline Cooperators Promise

"Apostle is one who carries God in his soul and radiates him around him.."


In the Parish of Santa Luzia de Cascavel/PR, the 2022 World Social Communications Day, celebrated this year on May 29, was marked, among other things, by the “yes” of three new members of the Pauline Cooperators Association, part of the Pauline Family, founded by Blessed James Alberione, Prophet of Communication.

After having made the preparatory walk, interrupted in person for two years, due to the Pandemic, but maintained with fervor together with the other members of the local group, the three candidates: Darci Paulo Cordeiro, Olirdes Maria Galvão, Terezinha Pereira da Rocha publicly assumed the their commitment to live as Christians in the world, sharing the charism and spirituality of the Pauline Family.

The previous month, assisted by members of the Provincial Coordination, Rosane Manfro and Sr. Salette Besen, sjbp, the Retreat preparatory to the Promise took place, in which the Identity of the lay Pauline Cooperators was deepened.

In a simple but very experiential celebration, with the presence of the community, family and friends, presided over by Fr. Gustavo Luiz Pegoraro, parish priest, and with the presence of the Delegate of the Provincial Superior of the Pastorinhas Sisters, Sr. Suzimara B. de Almeida, the three lay women said their “yes” to Cristo Bom Pastor, as Pauline Cooperators, members of the Association of Pauline Cooperators. They continue to experience their vocation-mission in the local community where they are closely dedicated to pastoral action, missionaries in Santa Luzia Parish. May many other lay people also say their yes to God and to the brothers, as part of the admirable Pauline Family.

Sr. Suzimara B. de Almeida, sjbp

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