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Provincial Assembly 2021

With God’s grace, we have celebrated the Provincial Assembly last 28-30 December 2021 at the Provincial House in Quezon City. All the sisters of all the communities participated, some through the online platform. It was an occasion to reflect on the 8th Interchapter proceedings and to contemplate God’s work in our Congregation for the past four years.

Gratitude is a word that can summarize our journey, all that we have seen, shared and felt during these days and of the pandemic. The gift of sharing and savoring the love we have for each other is stronger this time with our dual modality of communication through face to face and the zoom platform.

The Word of God, Word of the Church, Word of the Founder and the Rule of Life, challenged us to interior conversion and Christification as we re-examine our identity and ask ourselves, where is our heart on the most critical situation? We are challenged by the Gospel and by the repeated invitation of Pope Francis to experience afresh the power and grace of our pact with God and to rediscover the prophetic dimension of our mission so as to accompany the growth of God in the world and give it life.

Looking back at our history and listening to the report of Sr. Arsenia for the 8th Inter-chapter and the preparation for our 10th General Chapter was a time of grace and is essential as it serves as our guideposts for carrying our mission, for seeking integration and wisdom and of exercising evangelical discernment so as to embark on new paths that will enable the ideals and doctrine of the Church to “take on flesh” in our life.

We have allowed ourselves be inspired by the wealth of reflections, blessings of Pope Francis, sharing and conversations, songs, dances, giving of gifts as we gathered together to celebrate the birth of the Savior. How beautiful it is to see our Sisters in a happy face perhaps already advanced in years but contented and joyful. For this, we are grateful.

We continue to ask Mary, the brave woman on a journey, the model and guardian of our consecrated life to be open to the coming of the Spirit in new and surprising ways, far beyond what we can ask for or even imagine!

Each of us expressed the joy and the beauty of being together despite online participation to some of our Sisters. Thanks to the modern technology that has brought us together and to connect with each other around the globe.

Sr Junlyn Maragañas, sjbp

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