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Quilombo Sete Barras

On 04/07, with the presence of the Coordinator of Cáritas Regional do Paraná, Marcia Ponce, Rommy Gerardine Rondon and Juliana Mara da Silva, also from Cáritas, the inauguration of the RICE PROCESSING MACHINE took place in QUILOMBO DE SETE BARRAS.

Rice from Quilombo and other neighborhoods in Adrianópolis was processed in neighboring cities, in the state of São Paulo. Therefore, this project is already serving Quilombo and producers from other municipalities in the region. It was a solemn moment of joy, gratitude, fraternization, sharing and thanks to God.

The event concluded with a delicious lunch: machine-processed rice, free-range chicken and other dishes along with natural juice.

Quilombola Helena Aparecida Almeida Costa, member of the Quilombo Association, wrote and read the following message:


On behalf of our Community

and good for society,

I made a rhyme to talk,

to celebrate and give thanks.


Now we have a machine

to clean the rice that we are going to harvest.

Some plant more, others less,

But that doesn't mean we'll be frustrated in our struggles.



We are here to thank you.

“Thank you Cáritas”!

Well, now one of our dreams has come true.

My speech will be brief,

Of course, few words are useless

to show gratitude,

but we ask God for a lot of blessing

for each associated member

We admire everyone and we are privileged

for having such enormous support by our side.


“The way to help others is to prove to them that they are capable of thinking...”

(Dom Helder Câmara)

Sr. Ângela Biagioni, sjbp

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