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Spiritual Exercises of the Pastorelle Sisters Province Jesus Good Shepherd

The Spiritual Exercises of the Pastorinhas Sisters 2022 were a time of Kairos, of grace that took place at Casa Jesus Bom Pastor – Terceira Légua from 13 to 21/07/22 (Caxias do Sul/RS). In this First Group participated 35 Sisters from our communities, located in several states of Brazil. The preacher was Dom Mário Antônio da Silva, until recently Bishop of Boa Vista RR and currently Archbishop of Cuiabá/MT.

Through his witness as a pastor, passionate for Christ and enthusiastic about the mission, he helped us a lot to deepen the theme of the EE, praying and deepening before the Lord, the last part of the General Objective of the Congregation for the Sexennium: “With a new missionary impulse going to the meeting of suffering humanity”. In order to take up these dimensions with courage and ardour, we were encouraged to open ourselves to the action of the Holy Spirit, to look to Jesus the Good Shepherd, to assume his feelings, his attitudes, his life project: Option for the poor, sinners, suffering of humanity and manifest the love, compassion, mercy of the Father.

The retreat was well structured, with time for lectures, meditation and personal contemplation, Eucharistic Celebration and Adoration, penitential celebration, personal service. The very cozy atmosphere; the rain, the cold didn't get in the way. We were warmed by the silent, attentive, joyful, active presence of each participant and the people who were at the service of the E.E.

In the evaluation, the good use of this time was evidenced, a recovery, a new vigor, a stronger commitment. I hope many fruits can be produced and so many people who are hungry and thirsty for God, for humanity, for love can be satisfied. We are immensely grateful to our family, friends, Cooperators, people of God who have sustained us with their prayers in these days of grace.

Sr. Albina Bósio e Sr. Suzimara B. Almeida. sjbp

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