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Summer Mission 2024 | Santa Victoria Este - Salta, Argentina

“We have seen his star and we have come to worship him”

Mt 2,2

From January 6 to 14, 2024, we shepherds, together with the missionaries of Salta and Córdoba (young people, couples and priests of the diocese of Río Cuarto), mission the lands of Chaco Salteño where indigenous communities live: Wichis, Chorotes, and Creole.

Motivated by the Christmas season and full of love for the birth of the baby Jesus in our hearts, we carried out the mission totally dedicated to the difficult reality that the town of Santa Victoria Este and surrounding communities are experiencing.

We carry out various activities: visits to families, with the desire to listen and help, bringing the Word of God and a message of hope. We shared the afternoons with the children and young people, in the parish cultural center of that town with moments of catechesis and recreation.

The arrival of the Three Wise Men brought joy to the mountain communities, and to the town itself. Devotion to our mother Mary prompted us to share the prayer of the rosary in the neighborhoods and in family homes. So that the message of the Gospel and the missionaries' announcements can reach everyone, we were present on the town's radio stations.

By the grace of God, the Auxiliary Bishop of Oran accompanied us for 4 days: Priest Claudio Pablo Castricone. As a pastor he visited and blessed the sick, and celebrated mass in the hospital. He accompanied us in the different activities, participating and giving himself in simple and humble ways. He became another missionary.

We were 3 missionary groups that visited different areas, bringing our hearts full of joy and dedication. We joined in by sharing lunches and dinners with the Wichis families and some Creoles, where we experienced a family atmosphere accompanied by typical songs and dances. With these missions we become aware of the beauty of delving into the annoying of what is different to discover in essence the joy of what we are: COMMUNITY.

We ask the Good Shepherd for the grace to contemplate his face in each of our most needy brothers, and not to have a blind gaze in situations of extreme vulnerability. such as the lack of water and food.

Lucia Lemos y Rocio Perez Ramos, Aspirants sjbp

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