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Together for an educational journey

Monia, Alessandro, Octavia: stories of life and faith that have become familiar to the group of Pastorelle gathered in the Provincial House of Albano from 18 to 20 September 2023. Life and research experiences recalled with passion by Don Ivo Seghedoni, Parish Priest of the S. Pius X of Modena, where we are present as Pastorelle.

Life stories that have become the subject of reflection to rediscover the preciousness of mediation and how acceptance or closure, even in the first approach, in pastoral relationships with children and adults, is fundamental for the "second announcement".

The awareness and the path of maturation in faith expressed by the protagonists has facilitated a calm dialogue on our parish realities and the difficult period of transformation that the Church in Italy is experiencing. Catechesis, as we have experienced it, seems destined to disappear, as today families live more in contexts of religious freedom and, even if baptized, struggle to bear witness to the faith.

The invitation, expressed several times by Don Ivo, to welcome, without judgmental attitudes, the "Possible" presence at the training meetings proposed by the parishes, often becomes the suitable place for the "second announcement".

The criterion expressed by Pope Francis in Evangelii Gaudium n. 233 "reality is superior to the idea" has become the guiding element for hoping in a Church that is a minority, but animated by a mature and free faith. Moving from the traditional obligation of being Christian to the choice of Jesus Christ will renew the pastoral care and the various ministries in all their expressions.

Sr. Maria Moretto, sjbp

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