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Together to celebrate Profession anniversaries

Albano Laziale Feast of Mary Mother of the Good Shepherd

Returning to Albano, returning to the Mother House (mother, all-inclusive term), is always a great emotion: there we were welcomed, there we took our first steps in religious life and, after formation, we left from there to range over the most diverse places of the world. Then returning at a precise moment in life to celebrate the anniversary of religious profession is something extraordinary and somewhat difficult to express.

We five "Celines" and other sisters (others will gather in Verona on October 7) gathered on Friday for a day of retreat together with all the sisters of Albano. We got ready for the party and on Sunday 3 September at 9.30 - very excited - gathered in our chapel together with all the sisters and a numerous representation of the Pauline Family, we enjoyed the simple and beautiful Eucharistic Celebration at the end of which each one was object of congratulations and best wishes from all present.

At the appointed time, the doors of the 'party room' were opened where we enjoyed a slap-up lunch, culminating with a special cake crackling with sparks and excellent sparkling wine.

There are three sentiments which, on behalf of the Sisters who have celebrated the jubilee, I wish to express: gratitude, joy and a kind of nostalgia.

  • Gratitude to Jesus the Good Shepherd and to Mary, Mother of the Good Shepherd for the gift of the vocation of Shepherdesses and their constant and loving presence and care on our journey;

  • Joy since one can do nothing but rejoice in the goodness and mercy of the Good Shepherd;

  • Nostalgia, because our thoughts go to all those sisters who have accompanied and guided us, to all the sisters who have been present in our lives in various ways from the beginning and who are now not physically present but live in another dimension and they rejoice with us. Yes, because if today there is a Tree whose branches reach out to the various nations in the five continents, it means that its roots are strong and healthy, that these roots have faithfully absorbed and transmitted until today - and will continue to do so - the lifeblood of our stupendous Charisma. They are our roots!

Sr. Rosalia Pauletto, sjbp

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1 Yorum

07 Eyl 2023

I am happy to see all of you dear Sisters! We thank God for the gift of our Pastorelle vocation. Thank you for the joyful testimony of living our consecrated life... Auguri e preghiamo per tutte voi carissime sorelle e per tutti che collaboranno con noi. Il Signore Gesu Buon Pastore ci benedica.

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