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We are created by Love, to love

As is our annual practice, looking at Jesus who withdrew to pray, from the 18th to the 24th of January, the majority of the Pastoral Sisters of the Padre Alberione Province, based in São Paulo/SP, did the Spiritual Exercises at the Daughters' Spirituality House from Sao Paulo.

Taking inspiration from the theme: “Ecclesiastical synodality and the General Objective of the 10th General Chapter” and following the methodology of Ignatian spiritual exercises, Father Eliomar Ribeiro, sj, led the group to feel the vitalizing energy of nature, to strengthen the relationship with Jesus, contemplating the Divine Love that created us to love, being people who, through the experience of Religious vows, are a Sign of contradiction in a world of distorted relationships, very experienced by today's society.

Father Eliomar's preachings were very simple, practical, profound, questioning that, leafing through the album of life, projected the film of history itself.

In a favorable environment and favorable climate, we experience days of many graces, of profound silence, of fervent celebrations, storing rich baggage to live with joy and hope “all for one, like bees in the hive that work together, to prepare the cells and build the honeycombs” (Blessed Alberione).

Sr. Bertila Picelli, sjbp


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