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Italy - Albania - Mozambique Province

Our Province is composed of 196 sisters (of which 5 are Junior professed). They make up 25 communities: 22 in Italy, two in Africa (Mozambique), in Pemba and Nampula where the primary commitment is formation and one on the outskirts of Skutari, Fermentim that is a poor area and in continuous expansion, and with the typical problems of all the peripheries of large cities. Three sisters are currently engaged in services requested by the General Government.

 In Albano Laziale, there is the Provincialate and the community of the Mother House, where some of the first hour sisters live. For this reason, it is a memorial to our Charism and a source of richness for the prayer that they continually raise to the Lord for the needs of the Congregation, of the Church and the whole world praying in the chapel dedicated to the Divine Shepherdess, wanted by the Founder, Blessed James Alberione.

The communities of  Negrar, Mary Mother of the Good Shepherd, and Alberione House-Verona welcome, care for and assist the elderly and sick sisters. Like the sisters of the Mother House, they live the pastoral care of offering and prayer.

Our ministry in parishes and dioceses is expressed largely in witnessing to the compassion of Christ Shepherd, in the multiple dimensions and activities of Christian communities, in communion and collaboration with pastors and pastoral workers, according to our possibilities and conditions.

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