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50 years of pastoral presence in Venezuela

Last Monday, January 17, with great joy and jubilation we celebrated the first 50 years of pastoral presence in our Venezuelan Church. The time of preparation for this celebration allowed us once again to approach the journey that becomes salvation history, where so many sisters became participants, undertaking the mission in communion with the pastors and people of God; so many people who unconditionally accepted with simplicity the diversity of our charism, thus strengthening the pastoral work, first in the western region of the country (city of Araure Edo Portuguesa), then in the eastern region (city of Barcelona/Edo Anzoátegui) and then in the central region making us present in Caracas, the capital of the country.

Certainly, as in all history, successes and failures have not been lacking, anecdotes and surely some misunderstandings experienced, but we are certain that most of it is written by the delicate presence of the love of the Good Shepherd, who guided each step so that the mark left was indelible. The testimony of so many who are still grateful, yearn for our presence and serve in their parishes in the style of the Pastorelle, confirms this.

The Eucharistic celebration was offered as a thanksgiving, and due to the pandemic situation, we had to make a selection among our parishioners from the three parishes where we currently carry out the pastoral mission; We invite others to participate through the broadcast on social networks. This celebration was presided over by Monsignor Jorge Aníbal Quintero, Bishop of this Diocese, who very gladly prepared some beautiful words praising and thanking our presence and pastoral work, as well as several parish priests and friends.

We thank God for so much love and mercy, for the fruits of so much dedication, especially for the vocations that we are already part of the Congregation and for which Jesus the Good Shepherd is preparing to continue such a sublime ministry.

Sr. Luisa Melania and community

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