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70 years of presence of the Pastorelle Sisters in Bento Gonçalves/RS

On December 5, 1953, the Sisters of Jesus Bom Pastor – Pastorinhas arrived at the Santo Antônio Parish, in Bento Gonçalves, Rio Grande do Sul/Brazil. Thus began a journey that, in 2023, will mark 70 years of presence. A story of communion, donation and delivery, in favor of building life with the people of the Parish, city and region. The motto chosen to celebrate these 70 years was: As the Father sent me, so I send you (John 20:21). Go preach the Gospel (Mt 16:15).

Many, many Sisters have marked and continue to mark the beauty of working with the heart and love of Jesus the Good Shepherd, so that everyone has more life and life in abundance. All for what? So that Jesus, the Good Shepherd, is better known and loved.

To commemorate this very important date, the Little Shepherd Sisters, together with the parish community, participated in a celebratory Triduum: first day with Vocational Eucharistic Adoration, followed by Holy Mass; second day the Alberionian Rosary, followed by holy mass; third day with Vocational Rosary, followed by Holy Mass. On Sunday (03.12.2023), at the Santo Antônio Sanctuary, a Solemn Mass was celebrated, where the parish priest, Father Volmir Comparin, highlighted the presence of the Sisters throughout these years, all their work with the people, especially the poorest.

The feeling that permeated was one of joy and gratitude, a celebration not only for the Congregation of the Sisters of Jesus Good Shepherd, but for the entire parish community and the region. The Priests of the Pastoral Region and all the people, marked unity in the same feeling of Thanksgiving to God the Shepherd, for everything and everyone who contributed to the benefit of life, together with the Little Shepherd Sisters, throughout this journey.

A special highlight to the Group of Pauline Cooperators of Bento Gonçalves, who were a cheerful and available presence, from the first day of the triduum. They left the entire community with a great testimony of how beautiful it is to be a Pauline Cooperator, who loves the mission and lives it in the midst of the reality in which he finds himself, just like São Paulo.

Our gratitude, once again, to God the Shepherd of Life, for the graces, blessings and lights given along the way. Thank you for the work of each Pastorinha Sister who worked in Bento Gonçalves over these 70 years. Thank you Sr. Lídia Vilani, Sr. Lourdes Motter and Sr. Vergínia Fabro, for all your affection and dedication to the people of the Santo Antônio Parish. To all, our prayer!

Irmãs Pastorinhas

Província Jesus Bom Pastor, Caxias do Sul

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