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85th Anniversary of Foundation - 50th and 60th of Religious Profession

On 7 October, in memory of the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary, with our hearts full of joy and gratitude to the Good Shepherd who called us, we remembered, with the sisters of the Community of Verona, two anniversaries that are intertwined and consolidated between of them.

The first: 85 years ago, from the pastoral experience of the Founder (Blessed Giacomo Alberione), the Congregation of the Sisters of Jesus the Good Shepherd was born. Enlightened by the gift of the Spirit, he senses the preciousness of female collaboration with the pastors of the church.

The second: fifty and sixty years of faithfulness of the Blessed Pastor to whom our praise and thanks go, for having given Blessed Giacomo Alberione to the church, and having aroused in many young people the desire to be fascinated by such a great charisma Pastoral.

In the days of preparation for the celebration of the 50th - 60th anniversary of religious profession and retracing, in the light of the Word, the path taken, we noted that in all these years the Good Shepherd has never left us alone, he has always taken care of we.

He guided us in the beautiful moments and the most tiring ones, it was a story supported by his Word, by his mercy, spurred and edified by the faith of his sisters, and by that of the pastors and Christian communities where providence sent us. With them and together with them we felt more grateful to the Father for the gift of the vocation.

We carry with us many faces, many stories, beautiful and less beautiful, of people who are present daily in our prayers and who are part of our history.

We consider the experience of these long years a precious heritage, the fruit of the abundant graces and blessings of the Lord despite our shortcomings and weaknesses.

Now another stretch of the journey awaits us, we don't know if short or not, but we are certain that the Good Shepherd will continue to take care of us and tells us, "I am with you every day, until the end of the world" ( Mt 28.20). "The Christian never feels abandoned, because Jesus assures us that he does not just wait for us at the end of our long journey, but that he accompanies us in each of our days" (Pope Francis).

Our prayer and gratitude go to those who directly or indirectly supported us in these 50 and 60 years, with the testimony of faith and humanity, affection and closeness; starting from our natural families, our religious family, and many, many other people. Let us raise our prayer to the Father so that his mercy and peace may reach men and women in every corner of the earth where people live, suffer and die.

We trust in the help of the Blessed Virgin Mary, of Saints Peter and Paul, of Blessed Giacomo Alberione, so that we can continue to walk with the people of God, in deep listening to the Word, in fraternal communion and in pastoral service.

Sr. Candida Basile, sjbp

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