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APP Alberione

The ALBERIONE APP is the OFFICIAL application of Blessed James Alberione and the Pauline Family he founded for the service of the Gospel in the world of communication. Available in 7 languages: Italian, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Korean, Polish.

In his long life Fr. Alberione bequeathed to his sons and daughters, and to the entire Church, numerous publications and multimedia elements that authentically describe his personality, teachings, apostolic zeal and the specific charism he left to the ten institutes he founded.

A great treasure is available in this APP in the Opera Omnia section, and is accessible to anyone who wishes to know and to deepen knowledge of the figure of Blessed James Alberione and the mission of the Pauline Family in today's culture of communication.

Not only that, the APP is itself an instrument of prayer, thanks to the sections dedicated to the Prayers of the Pauline Family and the Pauline Liturgy.

App Alberione 2022-en
Download PDF • 821KB

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