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Celebrating the Congregation's Anniversary

On October 7th, the sisters of the four communities that live in São Paulo, celebrated the 84th anniversary of the Foundation of the Congregation of the Sisters of Jesus Good Shepherd – Pastorelle and the 76th anniversary of the arrival of three of them, to start the mission in Brazilians.

Devotion to Our Lady of the Rosary is among the first Marian experiences of the then Fr. James Alberione. This was the reason for choosing the date because, daily, I recited the Rosary. One of his thoughts, very valid for us even today: “to fill the voids of our journey with the mysteries of the rosary, so our day will be joyful, with the protection of Mary”. Blessed Alberione is still present among us, because he was the father who generated us for the Church. To him our gratitude.

Not being able to forget history, we pay tribute to the first twelve Sisters who started the Congregation, remembering their names and asking for their intercession for the future of the Congregation, since all of them are already in eternity.

The solemnized mass was presided over by Fr. Valdez Dall'Agnese ssp, ending with a thank you for these 84 years of the Congregation's existence in the world, spread in 19 countries, on five continents.

We thank the Sisters of the "Jardim" who welcomed us on this date, favoring the participation of all.

sr. Bertila Picelli, sjbp

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