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CF 2024 – Fraternity and Social Friendship

You are all brothers and sisters” (Mt:23,8)


On February 17, 2024, Saturday, Father João Thimóteo de Oliveira sent the community leaders, delivering the material for the 2024 Fraternity Campaign, which has as its theme: Fraternity and Social Friendship, Motto: “You are, all brothers and sisters” (Mt 23:8). Also highlighting that the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil (CNBB) launched on July 25, 2023, the poster and prayer for the 2024 Fraternity Campaign, inspired by Pope Francis' Encyclical, Fratelli Tutti.

The Santa Dulce dos Pobres Community (Pastoral Area), in which we are providing our Pastoral collaboration, is made up of twelve condominiums and the neighborhood where we live is called Residencial Sevilha. On this occasion, representatives from all communities and Residencial Sevilha were present. Only the representative of one of the condominiums was absent. Previously, there was intense motivation on Father João's part, as we were newly arrived. But the Father requested our help in distributing the CF 2024 Kit, emphasizing the collaboration of the Sisters in monitoring the groups and in animating Pastoral life in this missionary area. I go. Inácia Josefa and to go. Inês Cleuza Prado delivered the material to the representatives. Sr. Rosilda was responsible for the singing of the mass and the delivery of the material. It was an important celebration for us to get to know and be known by the community leaders.

Sr. Inácia Josefa dos Santos, sjbp

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