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Community of Salta in Mission

The wealth of the little ones is found in the mountains.

Treasures of the kingdom that are discovered in the meeting with the brother”

“I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because, having hidden these things from the wise and prudent, you have revealed them to little ones” (Matthew 11:25)

"The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure hidden in the field" (Matthew 13:44)

With the joy of the Gospel, we share with you an iota of what we have experienced together with the community in this time of Grace. From July 6 to 18, we have been on a mission, as on other occasions, in the land of Santa Victoria Este and surrounding communities, in the province of Salta (tripartite border area).

Land known for its aridity, material poverty and little or no basic needs. But land also deeply rich in ancestral culture, transcendent values, and precious potential in future generations, without detailing the wealth of wisdom of their elders.

Three missionary groups participated with us: from Serrano and Monte Maíz (Córdoba) and Salta, with about 50 people, mostly adolescents, but also older people, families, 2 priests and a nun. A heterogeneous group, rich in availability and creative, with whom we visited around 10 aboriginal communities, assisting with the Sacraments, celebration of the Word, and material issues of primary necessity in that area: food, clothing, medicine, work tools, bikes. There were also meetings with children and young people, parents of catechesis, visits to the hospital, workshops on the value of life in secondary school, purchase of handicrafts to promote their work and radio programs, to reach the areas where we physically it was difficult.

With a heart full of precious experiences, where the Lord becomes flesh there, is that we assume the commitment to continue working for these realities, in concrete options such as: sale of their crafts, collection of donations and prayer.

Community of Salta

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