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Divina Pastora College: 75 years of Life and Mission!

We are celebrating 75 years of Life and Mission of our Colégio Divina Pastora, whose mission is to love and care for life through Education.

Our school has always excelled in the quality and innovation of the teaching-learning processes, the improvement of its infrastructure to respond to the demands of the present times and the care of families.

In this perspective, we started some studies, with specialized advisors, and started some improvements: change of logo, changing from Instituto Divina Pastora to Colégio Divina Pastora; innovation of the facade, with glass walls and guardhouse, allowing greater visibility of our beautiful and unique infrastructure and bringing lightness and modernity, reconstruction of the reception room, with a wide, bright and innovative design, complete renovation of the computer room, with the acquisition of new computers, tables and chairs guaranteeing agility, comfort and incentive to the use of technologies in the teaching-learning processes.

All these changes are aligned with pedagogical reflection, the improvement of services in all sectors of the school and our particular care for families and the integral formation of all our students.

To celebrate these events, on June 9 of this year, we held a celebratory moment, marking our commitment to the renewal and innovation of our College. We had a moment of prayer, with thanksgiving to God for 75 years of life and renewed hope, presentation of the new logo and all the innovations.

Our Provincial Superior, Sr. Sônia de Fátima Batagin, sjbp, was present, along with Sisters Maria de Fátima Piai and Maria Luiza Ramos, in addition to the team of managers, collaborators and advisors who have contributed to the smooth running of these processes.

Our gratitude to all those involved with Divina Pastora who, like Jesus Good Shepherd and Maria Good Shepherd, are committed to loving and caring for life through education.

Sisters of the Holy Apostles Community

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