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Entrance to the Novitiate

"This is my chosen Son; listen to him!” This is the invitation of the loving Father to the three disciples who witnessed the transfiguration of Jesus. This is also the invitation posted to us.

With grateful hearts, we praise and thank the Lord for all the blessings He showered upon us, especially for the gift of faith and vocation. Last 6 August 2022, in the Novitiate house community, we, the postulants Mila Rose Abenis, Bea Collados and Emilyn Palma were accepted to the next stage of formation, the Novitiate by Sr. Purisima Tañedo SJBP, provincial superior. Some sisters from the different communities were present to participate at this event.

Our entrance to the Novitiate is a very significant moment for us because as Jesus was transfigured at Mount Tabor, we too experience our little transfiguration in Christ, striving to gaze at Him more attentively and following him more closely.

We are hopeful that in the Novitiate, through the guidance and accompaniment of our Formator, Sr. Doris Arcon, we will be able to deepen our relationship with the Lord through prayer, silence, and reflection, thus we can also deepen our knowledge of the charism and the spirituality of the Congregation.

We ask you dear sisters to pray for us!

Novices Mila Rose, Bea and Emilyn

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