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Formation Meeting for Candidates for Pauline Cooperators

On 12/10, the last Formation Meeting for Candidates for Pauline Cooperators in Eldorado/SP took place at the Pastorinhas house in Adrianópolis/PR. The topic studied was “Fr. Alberione: Life/Vocation/Family, the NIGHT of LIGHT”, assisted by Sister Sonia de Fatima Batagin, Provincial Superior.

Alberione's Vocation and Mission enchanted everyone. After sharing and prayer, Sister Sueli Berlanga asked the group: “Who is determined to make promises as a Pauline Cooperator, Friends of Jesus Good Shepherd?” Of the 11 candidates, 8 said: “I WANT”. The other 3 said they still don't feel ready to make that commitment, but they're still in the group.

There were 2 people present who were not part of the group, but they were enthusiastic and expressed their desire to start the journey of preparation to also become Cooperators. We give each one the TUCUM RING, a symbol of commitment to the service of the Kingdom of God.

It was a very emotional moment, when one by one they said without blinking: “I WANT”. We spent wonderful days with this group here at home. We took advantage of and celebrated the birthdays of Tânia, Gabi and Sr. Angela. On Sunday, the Group went to celebrate the Word with the Community of Porto Novo. The sharing of the Word flowed from the lips and hearts of all. On Sunday afternoon it was just a party until it was time to return to Eldorado.

Sr. Ângela Biagioni, sjbp

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