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I Parish Annual Planning Assembly

If unity is strength, at least let's get together!

February 12th, Sunday morning, and the heat is already scorching. Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, in the city of Adrianópolis/PR, community mass. And the Church on this day is fuller, because different representatives of each rural community are present in this Eucharistic celebration.


The preparation started much earlier: 03 sheets were sent to each community: the pink one, to write the good things about the community; in yellow, the challenges and in green, the wishes for 2023, in relation to the community.

After Mass, only those who were going to participate in the Assembly remained in the Church. The fact is that the Matrix has air conditioning, which provided us with a pleasant temperature to work.

In the presentation, each community representative placed the leaves, which made up the tree of our parish.

Many good things: Eucharistic/Word celebrations, events, catechesis, patron saint's party, rosaries, biblical formation and many others. The presence of the Pastorelle Sisters was highlighted by several communities. It deserves a big round of applause.

But how many challenges: need for formation, more Masses (and we only have one priest), more interest in the community, more unity, liturgical preparation... But …. it's the challenges that make us walk!

A part of the calendar for 2023 was made, which will be completed in a meeting between Father Daniel and the Pastorelle Sisters.

In the middle of everything, a delicious lunch was served, which was even better, because it was shared among everyone, in a very lively conversation circle, because between brothers/friends.

We just have to bless God for this day. Despite the air conditioning, the human warmth brought us together in a single stream, to make the 2023 journey in synod. We leave strengthened by the faith and hope that unites us!

Sr. Angela Biagioni, sjbp

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