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Latin American Economics Meeting

From August 15 to 20, 2022, we participated in the Latin American Economic Meeting, held at Casa Jesus Bom Pastor, Terceira Légua – Caxias do Sul/RS, which was attended by Superiors, Bursars and members of the Economic Council of the Provinces From Latin America. From the Hispanic America Province, which includes nine Spanish-speaking countries, Sisters Mirina Ibarra and Rosa Edilma Pinilla Molina were present; From the Jesus Bom Pastor Province, based in Caxias do Sul, Sisters Vanda Bisato, Isabel Breda, Marlene de Souza and Suzimara Barbosa de Almeira; From the Province of Father Alberione, based in São Paulo, Sisters Sonia de Fátima Batagin, Marli Terezinha Zavaski and Sueli Berlanga. The meeting was coordinated by Sr. Aminta Sarmiento Puentes, our Superior General and Sr. Roselle de la Cruz, Treasurer General.

It was a small group, made up of 11 sisters, which greatly favored coexistence and knowledge. The reception of the Sisters of the South was very affectionate and fraternal. Sister stuff...

We were able to share our experiences in the field of the economy and hear stories from other Provinces. A common concern: the goods we have must be at the service of the sisters and the mission with the poor. Particularly caring for the elderly and sick sisters. Likewise, how to create new sources of support, without losing charisma, giving correct destinations to idle properties.

The theme was illuminated with the reflection (online) of the Italian sister, Annunziata Remossi, of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary of Fatima, who brilliantly spoke about the six criteria for an evangelical economy, at the service of people and the poor. She reflected on the post-pandemic world economy and the poverty that plagues the world.

We saw the panorama of our Congregation and, in a particular way, we learned about the profiles of each province represented here. Their advances, their returns, illnesses, apostolic communities....

Amidst the work of personal reflection, sharing among the members of the same Province and in plenary, our economic\evangelical\missionary\charismatic postures matured.

We all left with great challenges, but encouraged by the bonds that make us Pastorelle Sisters at the service of the Sisters of the Province and the impoverished.

In the presence of Jesus the Good Shepherd, through the intercession of Maria Pastora, let us praise God the Father!

Ir. Sueli Berlanga, sjbp

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