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Launch of the Book of Poetry by Leonila Priscila da Costa Pontes

On June 18th, the Social Area of ​​SESC Registro/SP was the stage for a remarkable literary event: the launch of the book of poetry by Quilombola Poet Leonila Priscila da Costa Pontes, our Pauline Cooperator.

The event brought together a diverse audience, including members of various Quilombola communities, and admirers of the work of Leonila, who is a poet from Quilombo Abobral ME, from the Municipality of Eldorado/SP, whose literary work deeply reflects her roots and experiences. Her poems explore real stories, such as the struggle of quilombola women from Vale do Ribeira against dams and the pride of having the quilombola agricultural system recognized as NATIONAL HERITAGE.

The launch was more than a simple literary presentation; It was a celebration of quilombola culture and resistance. The night featured artistic performances, including poetry readings by Leonila and musical performances by friends. During the event, Leonila's friends dedicated beautiful words in her honor, expressing their admiration for her person and her work.

The launch of Leonila's book is not only a milestone in the Poet's life, but also a testimony to the vitality and resilience of quilombola cultures. At a time when the preservation of traditions and the fight for recognition and rights are crucial, her work emerges as a powerful tool for awareness and celebration.

Titled “Women Can't Wait” – a quilombola life in the form of poetry, the book promises to captivate readers with its depth and beauty, as well as the challenges and celebrations that define these communities.

The event ended with a photo and autograph session, where Leonila had the opportunity to hug and receive greetings from those present who came to honor her. This launch marks an important chapter in Quilombola Literature, reinforcing the importance of the voice and culture of these communities. May this book be an inspiration for girls and women, to follow the legacy of our Friend, Quilombola, Cooperator and Poet.

Luciana da Gloria Pupo

Cooperator Pauline from the Eldorado/SP group

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