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Making senility sustainable

On the occasion of the World Day of Grandparents and the Elderly (2022) established by Pope Francis, I am happy to express a thought about the experience lived with the elderly Pastorelle here in Verona. In most cases, boredom, depression and monotony make life difficult for the elderly. Society also contributes to fueling this feeling, through the myth of eternal youth. Faced with this culture, the elderly may be tempted to pull the oars in the boat and think that everything is over for him. An elderly person feels in the heart the suffering for the small and large losses that characterize this stage of life: withdrawal from activity and service; the interruption of relations linked to the apostolate and contacts with the world in which one lived; the experience of infirmity with the relative loss of possession of one's body and the progressive dependence on even the most elementary actions of life such as: getting up, dressing, going for a walk, drinking and eating.

Since aging is a fact or these elderly people are scrapped, they become waste, or, in a human and Christian view, they must be supported and cared for when their cognitive or motor skills are impaired. The animation service that I proposed to lend to the “Little Sisters”, once a week, was born after an interview with Dr. Frameglia Marta, who is also interested in this Community in other aspects. The goal is to enhance everyday life, stimulate inter-personal relationships, tailor activities to the tastes, habits and needs of the "sisters" concerned, through a group activity, a playful activity, I can say that uses all possible "weapons" in order to involve but in a light and spontaneous way.

What is produced is apparently an end in itself because the intent is clearly for an improvement in the quality of life.

Crafts with paper and fabric, painting on different materials, creating small objects, collages, knitting or crochet, etc. they are a mix of contributions and acquisitions that restores a sense of active participation in society and promotes psychological well-being, since the "sisters" remain at the center of an activity steeped in empathy, respect, affability.

Lucia Pescarin

P.S. In addition to the normal path of prayer and community life and the activity presented by Mrs. Lucia, various meetings are held in our community of Verona for the exercise of memory: Mrs. Manuela; of the dramatization: Mrs. Cristina; of physical exercises: Mrs. Irma; of creative activity and films at various times; of knowledge and participation in the journey of the Congregation, the Church, the Parish / Diocese, etc. Every day a commitment that gives us the opportunity to be together and to meet people who give us the gift of their time and their skills.

With this article, in addition to presenting the life of the community, we wish to say our thanks to all these people.

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