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Meeting on the Economy of Europe - Africa

From 29 to 31 March 2023, in Albano Laziale - provincial headquarters, we held the Italy-Albania-Mozambique economics meeting, already held for the other Circumscriptions. Sr Aminta Sarmiento (superior general), sr Roselle Della Cruz (general treasurer), sr Brenda Balingasa (general councilor), sr Cesarina Pisanelli (provincial superior), sr Pasquina Crepaldi (provincial treasurer) were present with the members of the CEC: sr Claudia Bartoli, sr Anna Ruggin and sr Leonia Silvestrini.

The theme that accompanied us was: "AN ECONOMY AT THE SERVICE OF THE KINGDOM" In a pandemic and post-pandemic context.

It was useful for us to have an overview of the progress made, at the level of the Congregation, in recent years, in the area of the economy and some flashes of the meetings in Asia and Latin America. In personal reflection, then shared, we were able to see how the Congregation has been urging for some time to walk towards an economy with a lifestyle from which evangelization springs.

Sr Annunziata Remossi's report of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary of Fatima was very enlightening, as she presented the six criteria for an evangelical economy, at the service of people and the poor. What struck us most was the broad vision of the economy, which embraces all the dimensions of our life, placed in a reading of the world situation; the need to question ourselves about the way we make our choices, from the smallest to the largest in response to a request from the reality in which we live.

Sr Roselle presented a global overview of sources of livelihood at a general level. Sr Pasquina shared the situation of the Province regarding the sources of livelihood seen in the concreteness of our reality. This gave the opportunity to open our reflection to identify what our Province needs.

Among the aspects identified as important and, at times, challenging, we can point out the need for formation for all, starting from the global reality in which we live, with its economic challenges, to foster a poor lifestyle in the broadest sense, lived in sharing / restitution, in the sober and supportive evangelical spirit that Pope Francis is soliciting from us and for a strong sense of belonging to our religious family.

Sr. Cesarina Pisanelli, sjbp

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