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Meeting Youth

For the third time this year, on Sunday, July 3rd, Sister Sônia de Fátima Batagin, sjbp was present at the Parish of Nossa Senhora Mãe da Igreja, whose parish priest is Fr. Adinael Carlos Miguel, with the participation of Sister Conceição de Jesus, sjbp and two more Pauline AJBP cooperators, Edriana Eufrasina da Silva and Paulo.

The missionary activity took place in the São José de Anchieta Community. They participated in three significant moments: the Eucharistic celebration, the celebration of the Word and the meeting with young people.

They had the opportunity to talk about vocation in general, religious vocation, with emphasis on the foundations of Fr. Alberione, emphasizing the feminine vocation of the Pastorelle.

As always, Fr. Adinael welcomed them very well, making room so that, whenever possible, the Pastorinhas are welcome in their Parish, to whom we express our gratitude.

Sr. Sônia de Fátima Batagin, sjbp

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