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"Missionaries and Prophets in a changing time"

This is the theme of the missionary meeting Friends of Jesus the Good Shepherd, held on 29 January in person and online. After the introduction of Sr Maria Rosa, who expressed the meaning of this meeting prepared and wanted by the missionary team, there was the greeting made online by Sr Cesarina Pisanelli, Superior of the Provincial Italy-Albania-Mozambique.

Subsequently, Sr. Elena Bosetti developed the theme on which we were called to reflect, so dense, current and provocative: it is, in fact, our being "Friends of Jesus the Good Shepherd", walking in his footsteps, passionate like him for good news of the love of God that must reach everyone and, in particular, the poor and those who feel excluded from the embrace of peace and tenderness of the heavenly Father, because they are too severely affected by the cruelty of human beings, by the selfishness of those who governs and from mother earth herself, which for some turns out to be rather a stepmother, daring and without nourishment, because plundered of her goods and unjustly exploited by those who, on the other hand, should love and guard her ...

  • How to be missionaries and prophets in this context?

  • How can we feel sent to transform the earth and console broken hearts?

  • What Gospel are we called to incarnate and to proclaim?

The videos sent by the missions of Pemba and Nampula, in Mozambique and by Fermentim, in Albania, accompanied by direct testimonies, have increased our knowledge and direct involvement.

Then there were the interventions of those who participated, both in presence and online, which enriched the meeting and where the orientation to continue on this style emerged, enhancing this time as privileged and unique to get together and look to the future. of our missions.

Sr. Maria Rosa Barison, sjbp

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