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Opening of the Archdiocesan Assembly of the Synod

On May 7, 2022, at the Sé Cathedral, a celebration was held, presided over by Dom Odilo Scherer, Archbishop of São Paulo, with the presence of auxiliary bishops, numerous priests and many faithful. The Metropolitan Cathedral was packed with participants. The Synod Hymn was sung: “People of God, Church of the Lord, let us always walk united in one heart”; we witnessed the reception of the Synodal Candle, the Banner and the Synod poster; followed by the presentation and acceptance of the Decree convening the 2022 Synodal Assembly and the Regulation and Working Instrument.

After receiving the Word of God and enthroning the Gospel, the Gospel of John 21:1-10 was proclaimed, followed by the Homily of Dom Odilo, the Litany of All Saints, the Renewal of Baptismal Promises, the Prayer of the community, concluding with the delivery of the Synod to the intercession of Our Lady and the invocation of Saint Paul, patron of the archdiocese.

The synodal assembly will continue its work until December of this year, since there has already been a pre-assembly in the various parishes and Episcopal Regions.

I thank God for having had the opportunity to participate in this solemn liturgical celebration!

sr. Bertila Picelli, SJBP

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