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Our Focus: Youth

When trying to find a new space for evangelization, we need to hit the theme to be developed and the moment. It seems that we were absolutely right in proposing to state schools in Ribeira, Itaóca (SP) and Adrianópolis (PR) to discuss the impacts of local mining with high school students.

We have the assistance of João Trevisan and Frederic Carmelle Breyton, both from MAM – Movement for Popular Sovereignty in Mining, based in São Paulo.

They brought a lot of data, which aroused interest in the students, because most of them are already experiencing the consequences of having mining close to the houses: tremors caused by the use of dynamite to burst the rocks, cracked houses, environmental pollution, dust and risk of rolling stones from the dynamited hills.

Lectures have already been given at schools: Santa Barbara (Downtown), Selbamann (Vila Mota) and Porto Novo, all in Adrianópolis and at Diógenes Ribeiro de Lima School (Downtown), in the city of Ribeira. On the week of June 23, they will be held at schools in the Municipality of Itaóca and, in August, at schools in João Surá (Adrianópolis) and Pavão (Itaóca).

Here's what two directors said:

Prof. Benvindo, from Escola Diógenes, in Ribeira: “The doors of the school are open to you. The students also enjoyed the interactions and talks about the environmental impacts in the region”.

Junior Professor, from Escola Santa Barbara (Downtown/Adrianópolis): “Your work is wonderful and, yes, we are going to plan other meetings, which the kids really enjoyed. The children and the teachers said it was very good. (...) Let's think about other moments and the school will always be open to new knowledge and debates, always prioritizing good development in our daily lives.”

We also took advantage of the moment with the youth to introduce ourselves and distribute a vocational card, made for this moment. We hope it bears fruit.

sr. Angela Biagioni and sr. Sueli Berlanga

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