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Participation in the XIV EJC in Rio Verde/GO

“Accept Jesus, He will change your life”

From the 17th to the 19th of February 2023, at the invitation of the community of Pastorinhas de Jataí/GO, I, sister Rosilene de Lima, participated in the XIV EJC (Youth Meeting With Christ), promoted by the Youth Pastoral of São Vicente Parish de Paula, in the city of Rio Verde/GO. There were about 75 young participants, enlightened by the theme: “Accept Jesus, He will change your life”. Such an event featured several service teams. People, Youth, welcoming, receptive, prayerful and creative, together with the parish priest Fr. Luciano Lima Alves, diocesan priest.

The Encounter with Christ, in its dynamics, aims to bring young people closer to the Person of Jesus Christ and, consequently, to reinforce participation in the Church, in addition to creating bonds of friendship between young people, leading them to a process that should culminate with active engagement in community life. The space was favorable for the young man to meet with Christ, with himself, with the other, so nothing that would generate noise was allowed, such as taking pictures...

Within the themes reflected, it was up to us to talk about the value of prayer, as well as the presence of support, in vigils, prayers. At the end of the meeting, the Pastoral Sisters: Selma Aparecida de Souza, Lusineide Cardoso de Melo and I were given the opportunity to address some concluding words to the parents of the young people, a moment in which we motivate families to grow in the path of faith, support the children in following Jesus who is the Way, the Truth and the life in the community. And there was talk about the 3rd Vocational Year and the vocational path that all Christians follow, highlighting the Vocation to Baptism, matrimonial, lay people, priestly vocation and the Consecrated/Religious Life. An appeal was made for parents to encourage their children towards the life of Faith and the vocational option.

We give thanks to God for this opportunity, in the context of the 3rd vocational year in Brazil, we sow seeds in the hope of vocational fruits for our Church, for the Pastoral Charism.

Sr. Rosilene de Lima, sjbp

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