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Pilgrims at the Sanctuary of Mother Aparecida!

Aware that we are pilgrims, we walked on 11/01 to the Sanctuary of Mãe Aparecida. We were ten women religious, including Sister Brenda Balingasa, Filipina and General Councilor, visiting Brazil. With a heart full of feelings of gratitude, of supplication, of recognition of Mary's protection, we place at her feet the multiple intentions of many people, of whom we were bearers.

Great was our admiration, for the beauty that we contemplated, through the biblical scenes of the North facade of the Sanctuary; we closely admire the grandeur of the sacred represented by the art of the dome; we rejoice with the manifestation of faith revealed in each pilgrim's face, with their eyes fixed on the tiny Image, which reveals the great devotion of the Brazilian people to Our Lady of Aparecida.

At the feet of Mary, who is communion, love, protection... we feel united with the entire Brazilian nation, with new hopes of respect for diversity and the care of life. We remember all the Pastorelle Sisters around the world, our dear family members and friends.

As pilgrims, we return with a heart full of thanksgiving for the day we have experienced.

Sr. Amelzia da Soledade Dias e sr. Bertila Picelli, sjbp

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