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Pleasant Visit

The catechesis group of Perseverança da Capela São Cristóvão, belonging to the São José Operário Parish, in Maruípe - Vitória/ES, coordinated by Catechist Jamília do Carmo Ribeiro Gomes, came to visit us on 08/15/2022, the day of the Assumption of Our Lady. Lady, model of the Religious Life.

The catechists wanted to know what the daily life of a person consecrated to God, belonging to a Religious Congregation is like. As they already knew the Pastorelle Sisters from our work in that Chapel, they decided to spend a few hours with us to hear our stories.

We, Sisters Edília Moreti and Inês Creusa do Prado, collected them and tried to answer all the questions they asked us. The group was satisfied with the clarification of doubts, including their curiosities.

We Sisters were very pleased and made ourselves available. We cordially thank the catechist Jamiele for her initiative.

Sr. Edília Moreti, sjbp

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