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Retreat of Pauline Cooperators

The year 2023 was very significant for Pauline Cooperators. After the decision of the General Governments of the Congregations that form the Pauline Religious Family, it was decided that all groups of Cooperators will undertake a unique journey, as members of the Pauline Family, from all over Brazil and all over the world.

After being drafted, approved and introduced “ad experimentum”, the new Statute aims to unify all family cooperators. They took on the new journey with great enthusiasm, studying the Statute in smaller groups, as well as in regional meetings, which were proposed by the central team and carried out successfully.

The four groups guided by the Little Shepherd Sisters, located in the cities of São Paulo/SP, Maceió/AL, Eldorado/SP, Vitoria/ES, Formosa/GO and Porto Velho/RO, organized themselves and began their studies, as they were receiving the text. Some groups have already studied the five meetings, others still need to complete the process.

On December 3rd, two groups, from Maceió/AL and São Paulo/SP, held the retreat to conclude the year. They reflected and prayed on the themes “Holiness” and “Study”, from the book of the Founder, the Blessed Father Tiago Alberione: the “Four Wheels of the Pauline Chariot”.

The retreat in São Paulo/SP was held in the Jardim das Irmãs Pastorinhas, with the presence of 14 cooperators and guidance from Father Antônio Lúcio, ssp. The group was very happy with this day dedicated to prayer and the deepening of Pauline Spirituality.

Some said it was a very timely and necessary experience to end the year on a high note. Father Antônio Lúcio concluded with the celebration of Mass on the First Sunday of Advent. Then we had the final celebration, concluding the year's activities with great joy.

The Maceió/AL group also communicated their satisfaction at having participated in the retreat with the same theme of prayer and reflection as the São Paulo/SP group. This is what they expressed: “Today, December 3, 2023, we had our moment of retreat, where we reflected on living holiness today. We begin by highlighting some references for our journey and also bringing the lights that we want to continue lighting within us. It was a very good moment, of sharing and learning about our being a Cooperator, in our day-to-day commitments. We left the meeting very happy with the experience we had, thank you very much to everyone for giving us this moment!”

With hope and joy we will resume our meetings, study and mission in February 2024.

Sr. Daniela Vasconcelos, sjbp

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