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Saint Joseph, Model of every Vocation


On March 19, on the Solemnity of San José, in Lima – Peru, the young women Rocío Pérez (Argentina), Lucía Lemos (Argentina) and Wilmary Romero (Venezuelan), began the Postulancy stage, accompanied by Sister Elsa Zavaleta.

“We have had the grace of living an integration day in the company of the psychologist "Maricela Mansilla", on March 12, where we were able to reflect and remember our own life story, as a progressive, growing and significant story. We had time to remember moments that today mark our personality in order to know it, accept it and respect it, promoting fraternal life.

From March 13 to 15 we lived our spiritual exercises led by Sister. Carmen Toledano (Religious Sister Agustina) where we experience the overflowing and merciful love of the Good Shepherd, who calls us to see the vocation as a free gift and guard this great treasure throughout our lives. During these three days, we were able to delve into our vocation to human life and religious life. Accept all of our history as it is, to see it as a history of salvation.

On March 19 we had a celebration of entering the postulancy stage. We thank Jesus the Good Shepherd for having called us to be with Him to work in His wonderful vineyard and together with Saint Joseph as a model of every vocation, persevere on the path being strong and brave. Our Father Alberione, being a teacher of prayer lived, taught and the most important resource for a life dedicated to the mission, said: "The first job, the highest duty, your main contribution to the community is Prayer."

Rocío, Lucía y Wilmary, postulantes


On March 18, in Bogotá – Colombia, during the singing of the First Vespers of the Solemnity of Saint Joseph, the rite of entry into the Novitiate of the postulant Linda Mariana Prada (Colombian) was performed, who will be accompanied by Sister. Nora Herrera, trainer. The celebration was preceded by the Spiritual Exercises led by Brother Carlos (ssp).

“I thank Brother Carlos for opening his heart to the Holy Spirit and being as human as he was spiritual, it was as if he had known me for a long time. He trusted in what the Lord has prepared for the journey. Abandonment, trust and love for the community were words that he constantly repeated. How to see religious life as an option within all the good that God has to live happily as consecrated people in the middle of the world, how God calls us and expects a free response...His plan being so beautiful, how important and sometimes painful (complicated) , I have been able to discern the paths that lead us to fulfill his will! God does not ignore us, he came to live among us and within us. “I am a clay vessel in the hands of my potter.”

Linda Mariana, Novice


«I sealed an alliance with my chosen one...

I will assure him of my love forever and my alliance will be stable for him» Ps. 89

Within the framework of the Solemnity of Saint Joseph, in a fraternal and family atmosphere, on March 19 we celebrated the renewal of our vows for the first time.

Sister Natividad Velis in Lima, Peru; Sister Evelin Villarroel in Ixtapaluca, Mexico; Sister Gabriela Cavallero in Córdoba, Argentina.

After a time of preparation with personal and community prayer, with gratitude and serene joy we renew our Yes to our Good Shepherd, who calls us to become "all to all" (Rv 79), responding to the faithful YES of the Lord who continues to choose our smallness and it is this certainty that fills our soul with joy and peace.

We entrust this path of preparation to the perpetual vows to the prayer of our sisters of the congregation... at the hand of Mary the Mother and Saint Joseph.

With a grateful heart and with the desire to continue walking hand in hand with our Good Shepherd, the three aspirants Lucia Lemos, Roció Perez and Wilmary Romero were admitted to the Postulancy in the Community of Lima-Peru, along with the renewal of vows by Sister Natividad.

Sr. Natividad, Sr. Evelin and Sr. Gabriela

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