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Say no to hunger!

The woman is hungry! The man is hungry! The child is hungry! Brazil feels hungry!

This year, with the theme “Fraternity and Hunger”, proposed by CNBB for the traditional Fraternity Campaign, we are challenged to understand and act, in the name of compassion, truth and life. Here, at Colégio Divina Pastora, in São Paulo, we celebrate the Opening of the Campaign on March 14, 2023.

All gathered on the court to present meaningful, community and social actions. Students from kindergarten to 9th grade made posters, acrostics, jester, always bearing in mind the motto of the Campaign: “Give them something to eat”. In the center of the court there were some symbols such as earth, water, fruitful plant and some non-perishable foods.

In addition to the Shepherd Sisters of the Colégio Community, Sister Bertila, Sister Augusta and Sr. Ana Paiva, some parents, our students and the pedagogical and management teams.

Blessed Lent! Marked and registered with this school awareness of the educational community.


Sr. Maria Luiza Ramos, sjbp

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