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Time is passing and the Kingdom of God is happening

The Mission Area of the Santa Dulce dos Pobres Community in Porto Velho/RO, has been walking for a short time. We, Pastorinhas Sisters and Father Edilson Gabriel, responsible for this missionary area, realized that in this community there were already significant elements to carry out the 1st Assembly, counting on current and emerging leaders.

Therefore, we convened an Assembly, for the 8th and 9th of October 2022, which had a unanimous positive response, whose presence revealed a lot of joy, willingness and openness to hold this event.

We have the assistance of the Archdiocesan Secretary of Pastoral, Joana Batista S. Souza, who led the assembly to know and take on the missions that are already being carried out in parishes and communities, in preparation for the Centenary of the Diocese of Porto Velho/RO, which will be celebrated in the year 2025.

Together, we evaluated the journey, we planned the year 2023. We could see what steps were taken in the life and evangelizing mission in this context and, it was verified the need to work to form the pastoral of baptism, organize the missionary groups to attend the condominiums and the residential Seville, as well as training extraordinary ministers of Eucharistic communion and the Word.

We thank our protector, Santa Dulce dos Pobres, for this very important achievement and to all those present who showed their missionary ardor.

Padre Alberione Community – Porto Velho

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