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Vocational Meeting

Vocation, called the one who loves

and response from those who are loved!

Living in the happy atmosphere of waiting for Christmas, which is just around the corner, we share the joy of the vocational meeting held on December 17th and 18th, at the Pastoral Center of the Diocese of Boa Vista, in Roraima, organized by the Pastoral Sisters of the Boa Vista community , with the participation of young people from the communities where the Sisters work.

Provide living with God and with herself, to establish the true meaning of life hidden in the Love that accompanies the young woman in her daily life in the light of the Word. This was the objective of the meeting, which was achieved with dynamics, moments of prayer, personal interiorization, communication and formation. As St. Paul says, God works in all things for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose (Rom 8:28).

The young people took advantage of every moment, to grow in being a person, in being closer to Jesus, which made the two days very pleasant. Each one shared the moment in which they live, they made themselves known, sharing about what they do and where they spend their lives. The highlight was the night of light, where everyone prayed with the text of John 1: 35-39: What are you looking for? What each one is looking for within their paths, inserted in the context they are.

And of course, a pleasant conversation about vocation and also profession could not be missing. This was very important, because it favors a better quality in everyday personal choices. The Vocação à Vida Clip helped the mind and heart to assimilate words that help them make bolder and deeper choices in their lives. Another important moment was to reflect on the context in which we are immersed, which offers a thousand and countless opportunities for choices. The question that arises is: should I or can I? It is a question of freedom and responsibility, and this resulted in a very deep dialogue and sharing. The invitation was to let choices be illuminated by the love of God, who expects a response from each one for a more humane and happier life.

With a heart grateful to the God Shepherd of life, we place each young person under his mantle. That in this time of experiencing the Love that comes into the world in the form of a child, we can welcome Him with a heart full of tenderness, to share the good that He teaches us with His life.

Sr. Glória Cardoso, Sr. Teresinha Sartori e Sr. Uezineire R. da Silva

Community of Pastorelle Sisters of Boa Vista/RR

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